Resetting the Hewlett Packard C6657A (#57), C6658A (#58 Photo), or C8728A (#28) Colour Ink Cartridge Estimated Ink Level

There are a few different ways to get the estimated ink level to read full on your HP toolbox.  To better understand the procedure you are about to follow, it helps to know what causes your cartridge to read empty.  There is a serial number embedded in the electrical that allows the printer to keep track of each cartridge's activity.  The printer will remember the previous two cartridges that have been inserted.  After a third cartridge has been inserted, the memory of the first cartridge is dumped and lost forever.  After that, if the first cartridge is reinserted into the printer, it will read full again even though it may actually be empty.  Listed below are two procedures to reset the estimated ink level for the #28, #57, #58.

To reset the HP C6657A (#57), HP C6658A (#58) or HP C8728A (#28):

Reset Method 1:

1.  Refill your cartridge using your InkTec refill kit.

2.   Following the diagram at right, place a piece of adhesive tape covering only the blue coloured contact (a contact is the individual copper square).  Make sure that only that contact is covered and no others.   

*Please note that the contacts shown are coloured for illustrative purposes only.  You will not have blue or red contacts on your cartridge.

3.  Place cartridge in the printer.  The printer may tell you that there is a problem with your cartridge.  Ignore this message.  The printer may print an alignment page.  If so, allow it to do so.

4  Take the cartridge out of the printer.  Leave the tape on the blue contact.  Place another piece of tape over the red coloured contact.  Make sure that only that contact is covered and no others.

5.  Follow step 3 again.

6.  Take the cartridge out of the printer for the final time.  Take the remaining tapes off and place back in the printer.  The printer should print out an alignment page and the estimated ink level in the toolbox should read full.

Reset Method 2:

     If Reset Method 1 did not work on your printer, you can cycle cartridges through to reset the level.  You will need two extra cartridges and the one you refilled.  First, put the refilled cartridge in the printer.  Allow it to recognize the cartridge and print an alignment page.  Take that cartridge out and place in the first extra cartridge.  Allow it to recognize and print an alignment page.  Take the first extra cartridge out and place the second extra cartridge in.  Allow it to recognize and print an alignment page.  Take the second extra cartridge out.  Place the refilled cartridge back in the printer.  It will print an alignment page and then the estimated ink level will be reset to full.