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АРБИКАС ООД е ОТОРИЗИРАН РИСЕЛЪР на Static Control Components (SCC)

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Site last updated on 02.11.2017


27.10 Orders - until 15:00
Dear partners,
In connection with a change in the terms of the courier companies, as of 01.11.2017 orders placed by 15:00 are processed and sent by the team of ARBIKAS on the same business day. Orders made after the specified time are processed the next business day.
In the case of an adjustment of a previously ordered order, the correction must be made by 15:00. Otherwise, the order is processed the next day.
Whilst outside of our duties, exceptionally, a consignment ordered after 15:00 but not later than 16 hours, it is possible to depart on the same working day in our judgment of our workload.
14.02 Advantages of buying office technique from Arbikas
When you buy office technique from us, you benefit free transportation for Sofia, free advices, discounts for refilling and many others. More you can see here/in BG/.
06.10 Periodical maintenance of office technique and consumables
Subscribing to our periodical maintenance offer you recieve discounts, short terms.
Additional information you can view here

Company History

Arbikas is founded in 1992 as a family company, by Mr.Valentin Penchev - dipl. engineer in Electronics.

In the beginning of companys activity the only workers are the family members - Mr. Valentin Penchev and his wife Mrs. Petia Pencheva. Later Stefan Penchev - their son, joins the company.

In 1993 Arbikas buys Hewlett Packard LaserJet III (SX engine) and Newgen Sys Turbo PS400p (LX engine) - these are companys first testing printers.

In 1995 Arbikas opens its first public office, situated in Strelbishte district in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In 1997 Arbikas opens a second office in Sofia - in Geo Milev, district, near the well known hotel Pliska.

In 1999 the office in Geo Milev is moved into a new location - in Iztok district, bl.23, where is the central office of Arbikas till nowadays.

In 2000 Arbikas has 10 employees. In the next years the trade area and the store area increase rapidly.

At the end of 2004 Arbikas has 20 employees.

In 2005 Arbikas Ltd is established, as an inheritor of Arbikas Pte. Owners of the new company are Valentin Penchev, Petia Pencheva, Stefan Penchev.

At the end of 2006 Arbikas has over 25 employees, and offers over 20 000 different products and services.

In 2007 the world standard ISO 9001-2000 is implanted. Later, in 2009 Arbikas is recertified according to the new ISO 9001-2008.

In 2010 Arbikas opens its third office near the well known Pirogov hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nowadays, 2014, Arbikas consists of over 40 highly trained engineers, technicians, managers and sales consultants. Arbikas offers over 55 000 different products and services, has 6 own service cars, and works with over 10 000 active clients.

We wish to thank to all our staff, for all the efforts, they make each working day. Thank you for your work !

We wish to thank to all our Clients, who preffer to work with Arbikas team. Thank you !